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Fixing the Roof

Comprehensive Roof Life Extension. Make it Last LONGER 

ROOF MAINTENANCE - Nothing is more critical for your roof's long-term performance than establishing regular inspections and matter who installed your roof.

Preventive maintenance on new and existing roofs is often overlooked or rarely budgeted. But rain, wind, sun, pollution and even foot traffic can all take a toll on your roof system. To extend the life of your roof and minimize repair costs, we highly recommend an investment in our WESTBANK ROOFING maintenance contract.


We inspect the roof and determine how many annual visits will be required for maintenance. This could range anywhere from 1-4 visits depending on your unique roofing system. Next, an annual fee is agreed upon which will be divided evenly among each visit.


After a major storm, we survey for storm damage and assess needed repairs or re-roofing, as soon as safe conditions allow. Due to phone lines being down and power outages, NO phone request by you will be necessary. WESTBANK ROOFING will automatically dispatch a professional roof inspector.

Start Protecting Your Investment Today - Get a Free Estimate on Your Roof Maintenance Program

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