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Westbank Roofing is Your Local, Family-Owned Solid Insulated Patio Cover Contractor in New Orleans

Solid Insulated Patio Covers | Westbank Roofing | Harvey, Louisiana

 Solid Insulated Patio Cover Kit Details

  • Choose from Attached or Freestanding

  • Includes built-in rain gutter

  • Projections up to 24′ out from house

  • Any width along the house

  • Up to 12′ high

What’s Included:

  • Post kits

  • 3×8 header

  • 3×2.5 gutter

  • 2×6.5 side rafters & front fascia

  • 48” wide x 3” thick insulated roof panels

  • 2×6.5 decorative rafter tails

  • Downspouts

  • Fasteners & hardware

Helpful Tips:

Solid covers come with decorative rafter tails along the front fascia. They may be ordered without the rafter tails for a cleaner look.

Solid covers need ¼” per foot of slope for rain runoff. If you have the room we recommend at least ½” per foot. Covers may have more slope if you desire.

It is important to supply us with the correct wind loads to make sure your cover is designed and quoted correctly.



Ceiling fans are able to be attached to solid covers. The optional fan beam is used to support the fan and protect the wiring.

LED recessed lights are an option for our solid covers. Each IRP you install lights in will need a fan beam to run the wiring. We recommend the 4” thick roofs when installing LED recessed lights.

Seam Tape may be purchased as an option. The tape goes over the IRP seams on top of the cover. The tape helps to prolong the life of the caulking.

Contact a Local Professional for a Consultation

If you are ready to get a new patio cover and enjoy more time outside, count on Westbank Roofing to do the job right. Westbank Roofing Co. Inc., has served Southeast Louisiana since 1969.  We are a third generation family-owned and operated roofing contractor. We are fully insured with Worker's Compensation and General Liability and licensed in the State of Louisiana. 

Get a Free Estimate on Your Solid Insulated Patio Cover Today!

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